Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Virgin closed the door on Black Lace towards the end of last year and I waved my editor Adam off to, hopefully, greener pastures. I am now pleased, well absolutely delighted to be honest, to say that my first book with SAMHAIN will come out in September 2010.

It is the longest book I've ever written so far, some 125,00 words. I admit that the vast majority of my books were far longer than the permitted 75,000 word max for Black Lace and had to be cut, which I hated, but I was never allowed to indulge myself as I have for Savage Kingdom. It is set in the same fantasy world as two of my former books - Savage Surrender and Wild Kingdom - hence the title! Whispers here - I've always had problems with titles but oddly enough coming up with this one was incredibly easy.

Savage Kingdom
tells the story of Nerya a young woman from the kingdom of Freygard and Jaden, a handsome warrior. They find themselves forced to work together in difficult circumstances and thus their adventure begins... I can't say much more without giving something away, but the lands they come from face a fearsome enemy and there will be many trials ahead from them both.

More about Savage Kingdom, and the other books I am working on in the weeks ahead.


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