Sunday, 18 April 2010


Just a quick note from Hawaii, where I'm on vacation. It is beautiful here and the weather is glorious. I'm sitting gazing at a beautiful beach pondering on the plot of my next book. If you've never visited Hawaii and you get the chance, and you can rustle up the cash, please do so. It is definitely worth it.

I'm still managing to keep up with my favourite TV shows while I'm here - love HULA - which we don't have access to in the UK. Damnation! If that volcano in Iceland keeps erupting I may never get to go home- shame, but there it is....

One note, if you've read my previous posts you'll know I'm a great Legend of the Seeker fan. At present there has been no word as to whether season three will go ahead. Apparently one of its major distributors Tribune Entertainment are in deep shit...sorry financial trouble. Consequently ABC/Disney have to find another home for the show. Anyone who wants to have a hand in trying to save the show should log onto one of the many Legend of the Seeker websites or go to

Sorry I'm useless at doing links and my resident techie isn't in Hawaii.

See you all soon with more news of Savage Kingdom.


Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sam Worthington is everywhere

Well this is rather an overstatement, but for the life of me I cannot comprehend what casting directors see in this guy. He seems quite pleasant, he is an Aussie, and he is a good enough actor but to me he just doesn't have that ephemeral thing, that no one can quite put their fingers on, called star quality.
Heroes need that, for sure they do.
Sam was fine enough in the last Terminator movie and he was okay in Avatar - a brilliant movie. There it was his Na'vi alter ego that was the star of the film for me.
However, I have just seen Clash of the Titans and a a crew cut guy with an Aussie accent didn't do it for me. He was just so, so wrong for the part and looked totally out of place with the rest of the cast and there wasn't even the faintest sparkle of star quality - this guy was supposed to be a demi-god after all. Not only should he have looked like one, he should have sounded like one as well. Also this film was initially made in 2D and converted to 3D and it doesn't work in 3D for me. At times you get double images as if a copy of a person is layered underneath the original image. It is good fun, go see if if you like that sort of thing, but don't pay the extra for 3D it just isn't worth it and when it didn't quite work I found it extremely irritating.