Wednesday, 19 May 2010

New Beginnings Old Friends

Just finished a heap of edits for Savage Kingdom. I really love revisiting the fantasy world I created. I've never written about the two main characters Nerya and Jaden before, but if you've read my previous books Savage Surrender and Wild Kingdom then you will recognize Rianna and her handsome husband Tarn of Kabra. Also Sarin, once Tarn's greatest enemy reappears. In fact a number of characters from my other two books crop up in places.
This will not be Jaden's and Nerya's only outing together. If all goes well their tale will continue in Dark Kingdom.
Speaking of continuing stories I also hope to revisit the characters from Barbarian Prize at some time in the future.
Keep watching for further news.


Friday, 7 May 2010

Ad in Variety today Legend of the Seeker

There is a full page ad in today's Variety asking for a new network or TV station to think of airing Season Three of Legend of the Seeker. For whatever reason, money or otherwise, ABC/Disney have so far failed to find US stations to air the show in the fall...autumn to my UK readers! As I've said before this show is epic, exciting and sexy. The chances are it won't get renewed unless it gets more viewers and more publicity. I can only emphasize, the male lead Craig Horner, who plays Richard Cypher, the Seeker, is seriously cute, has a great body
and I have no wish for him to disappear from my TV screen. Not only that he'd a great how can you resist him? What we need to do is raise the profile of Legend of the Seeker in the US and get more people to watch the show.

Link to save the seeker as on my previous posts about the show.

Don't disappoint me folks, how can I keep writing without having Craig to look at to give me inspiration?


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Save Legend of the Seeker

As I have mentioned before my favourite programme of all time has to be Legend of the Seeker, now it looks very likely the show may be cancelled. It is a long complicated story that I won't bore you with, but if you haven't seen the show, please make an effort to do so. It airs on SyFy in the UK and on various TV stations in the States and about 100 countries around the world. There has been nothing like it on TV before and the two gorgeous leads are buff, handsome Craig Horner and the beautiful, elegant Bridget Regan.
It is filmed in the beautiful countryside of New Zealand, with may of the same stunties, crew and locations as Lord of the Rings. The music has already won an Emmy and the story is epic... there is a hero on a quest, great swordfights, magic and mystery and one of the greatest love stories ever to appear in fantasy, with amazing chemistry between the two lead actors. In fact I could go on and on about it forever. You can catch many glimpses of it on U Tube and if you are in the USA you can watch it on HULA.
You just have to see the Mord Sith, sexy women clad in red leather who torture and kill for the evil villain Darken Rhal. Talk about S & M! The hero almost gets tortured to death in the First series episode, Denna, but the Mord Sith, Denna is so sexy you've got to admire her and it is clear that she fancies her captive. I love the hero, Richard in that episode even more, Craig Horner's acting is just wonderful.
The series is based on the best selling Sword of Truth Books by Terry Goodkind, and produced by ABC/Disney.
I have enjoyed shows before and been disappointed when they were cancelled but I have never actively fought for a show before, but I am fighting for this one to continue.

Go to to see how you can help save the show

Viva Las Vegas

Just got back from Las Vegas. Stopped off there for five days on my way home from Hawaii. Everyone told me it was big, but I never expected it to be that massive! My hotel was the Bellagio and it took ages just to walk from reception to the lifts/elevators up to the room. The hotel was way bigger than Terminal 5 at Heathrow - and that is megga big guys. Haven't walked so much for ages, just to get from hotel to hotel.
The white lions and tigers at the Mirage were beautiful creatures...the Forum shopping at Caesars Palace- amazing. Five days isn't really enough to see even half of the place, but we managed Freemont Street as well - which has to be seen to be believed, and then there was the helicopter!!!!!
As it took off I realized what an insane idea it had been to fly by helicopter to the Grand Canyon, especially on such a windy day, but at least the pilot was tall, blond and reasonably good looking . I was forced to sit next to him, so it was easier at times to keep an eye on him...just to make sure he looked at ease as the helicopter bumped its way over the Nevada desert. We landed "MASH" style on the rocky shore of the Colorado river, deep within the canyon and I immediately downed two glasses of champagne, just to settle my nerves of course.
Now I'm home and it is back to work on my edits for Savage Kingdom and my new book set in ancient Rome.