Sunday, 10 July 2011

Savage Kingdom in print

This has been my Annus Horribilis, so I'm afraid I've not kept up my promise to post on a regular basis. So many things have happened and I've had no chance to do anything about my blog, let alone do any writing.

Now life has at last taken a turn for the better. Great news at last. Savage Kingdom has just been issued in paperback and is available from Amazon and in many good bookshops in the USA.

Once again I reiterate my promise about blogging on a regular basis and I'll include some updates on what has happened in my life of late.

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Rustye said...

Hello, Ms Ashford! I have just finished Savage Kingdom and loved every bit of it. Now I am off to read your other books. I also decided to check out your blog and noticed that you also like John Barrowman. I only know him from the Torchwood series as his musicals are not here in the US, unfortunately. Hope all is going well for you and I am looking forward to your next new book.