Monday, 20 August 2007


I'm announcing a new addition to my family. No, it is not a baby thank goodness. I've had enough sleepless nights to last me forever and both my kids are pretty grown up now so new babies are not on the agenda.

This new addition isn't much to my liking. A cute puppy or a fluffy kitten are my idea of pets but I don't think my very elderly King Charles Spaniel would welcome some bubbly young thing to ruffle the calm of her old age. However, this new addition stays permanently in my son's room and nowhere else. Why you ask?

Because his name is Desmond and he is a snake. A brightly coloured three year's old Californian King snake, I think. To be honest I'm not into the antecedence of snakes there are just different coloured ones that hopefully don't bite and don't have venom.

Desmond will be a new addition to the menagerie which thankfully currently only consists of Dakota a a Leopard Gecko. However I fear he won't be the only addition as I've heard the word Monitor Lizard mentioned of late. Just keep your fingers crossed that one doesn't appear as well - at least not until my son has moved out into his own place!

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