Wednesday, 1 August 2007


It is just over two weeks now since I returned from The Romance Writers of America's conference in Dallas Texas. My jet lag has disappeared and I'm writing again. Yet I can't help thinking of all the great people I met there. My fellow Black Lace writers and 'Lustbiters' Kate, Dayle, Theresa and Anne and last, but not least, my editor Adam. Also I was privileged to get to know Mandy M Roth and Michelle M Pillow, both great erotic romance writers.

Going to the RWA is an amazing experience for a writer. There were at least 2,000 people at the conference and about 500 of those, so I understand, were published writers. There are workshops to attend on all conceivable aspects of writing. Panels with editors and agents to give you advice on placing your work and what the continuing and upcoming trends are. Also there is advice on self-promotion and marketing. It is a great place to network, sell yourself and get to know people. In contrast to most of the US authors, I felt I was as tad lacking in all the self-promotion stuff. It is something all authors must do these days if they want to sell books.

Of course I couldn't go that far without at least doing some sightseeing. Dallas was where Kennedy assassinated so a visit to the book depositary and grassy knoll were mandatory. Just as mandatory was a visit to the huge North Park Mall. What girl wouldn't want to shop!! Especially at an exchange rate of two dollars to the pound. Consequently my suitcase on the return trip was considerably heavier than on the way out!

Needless to say I'm already making plans to go to the RWA conference next year. It is to be held in San Francisco, one of my favourite cities in the USA.

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