Friday, 21 September 2007

LUSTBITES and other things

Life has been chaotic as usual and I've neglected me blog terribly. I've been waiting for my publishers to respond on my new submission called Dark Desires, which is set in the same fantasy universe as my other two books Savage Surrender and Wild Kingdom. The main characters are different but familiar characters from the other two books do appear in story. Unfortunately my editor is always mega busy and so like other writers I often have to be patient and wait for feedback.

Not content with that I'm also working on submissions for other publishers, notably in the USA where the popularity or erotic romance is growing fast.

Templar Prize is out in the UK now and but will not be released in the USA until November.

Apart from that I've been contributing to the lustbites blog on a few occasiosn. After featuring Templar Prize I did a post with two of the other writers. Firstly my good friend Portia Da Costa who writes great books - you must read them. Secondly Janine Ashbless who is the only other lustie who writes in fantasy realm.

Last but not least was my post last Wednesday on Sexy gay Men. You have to read the post to understand the title, but Torchwood was much discussed because of John Barrowman. Anyone reading this in the USA will have no idea who he is but John has guested in Dr Who as a character called Captain jack Harkness and he is also he is a great singer and has starred in a number of West End Musicals. Look out for Torchwood, James Masters (Spike from Buffy/Angel) is starring in an episode of the second series due to be shown in the UK after Christmas.


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