Wednesday, 26 September 2007


For my friends..

She saw him every morning walking along the beach and her eyes had been drawn to him immediately, but that wasn’t surprising as he was a very good-looking guy. Yet it wasn’t just that, there was something else, something that drew her to him which she couldn’t explain.

Each day he wore the same clothes; a par of battered blue jeans, that were just a shade too loose to show off his enticing butt to perfection, and a succession of faded black ‘T’ shirts, some with logos on the front, others plain.

As the days passed they began to exchange faint smiles or awkward waves which at last gave her the chance to feast her eyes on his handsome face for a moment, without appearing too rude and staring at him, which she wanted to do all the time. She couldn’t quite decide what colour his eyes were. She guessed that they were blue or green and they were surrounded by luxuriant black, spiky lashes. He had a straight nose and very kissable mouth; his features merging into an expressive face that looked either cheerfully happy or sad and rather soulful, yet each time the sheer sight of him took her breath away.

His hair was curly, silky strands of it hung attractively over his forehead, curled over his ears and brushed against the neckline of his ‘T’ shirt. It was so dark it appeared black even in the brightest sunlight. The style suited him making him look at times like an innocent angel sent down to earth to tempt womankind into great wickedness.

She had come to the beach, early as usual, just to enjoy the brief smile or wave that she got from him every morning. Yet today it appeared she was destined to be disappointed there was no sign of the gorgeous one walking along this stretch of the shoreline. She stood alone, staring at the sea, barely aware of the raucous sounds of the seagulls or the noise of the waves crashing against the shore, let alone the feel of the sun beating down on her head and shoulders. She was too disappointed to think of anything other that that he wasn’t coming today.

Something made her turn her head and her heart leapt excitedly in her chest as she spotted him walking towards her. Today he wasn’t wearing a faded ‘T’ shirt his chest was bare and all he had on were the battered blue jeans.

Goodness, he was perfection itself. His upper arms were muscular, his pecs well developed and below that delicious chest, a flat belly and lean hips. His skin, once so pale, had been kissed by the sun over the last few days and had turned an attractive pale gold, which made him look even more amazing. He wore a brown leather belt to keep up his jeans, and the clasp sat there enticingly, just below his belly button, leading her eyes down to where she felt they should not stray. The heat of the sudden desire that filled her body, turned her cheeks pink, and her knees began to feel uncommonly weak as he walked towards her.

This time, however, he didn’t smile awkwardly and walk on past, he stopped only a foot away from her and his lips curved into a warm sexy grin. “I feared I’d missed you.”

“You what?” She was too overcome by his close proximity to think properly.

“I see you here every morning.” He said in a soft melodic voice that she found instantly appealing. “I thought for moment that you weren’t coming today. You are usually further up the beach by now.”

“Am I?” Her brain still refused to function and she thought she must be sounding very stupid. She took a deep breath. “I was standing here looking at the sea for a moment.”

“I was hoping to see you.” He stepped even closer and she could see now that his eyes were a delicious mixture of blue and green. “I was hoping...” He cautiously reached out and tentatively brushed his hand against hers. It felt as if she had been hit by a bold of lightening as the brief frisson of desire she’d been experiencing surged into life so powerfully that she was overcome for a moment as every nerve ending in her body was set alight. “…hoping that you might consider having dinner with me this evening?”

“You are asking me out?” This was too amazing to be believable, something she’d hoped and prayed for her yet the wee cautious voice in her head, that she didn’t want to listen to, reminded her that she didn’t know him at all. Yet, all she wanted to do was drown in the depths of his blue/green eyes and throw caution to the wind forever.

“Somewhere, very public of course. After all you don’t know me at all, although I can assure you I’m entirely trustworthy.” He smiled at her again. “Will you come?”

He stepped a shade closer and as he bent his head she could feel his warm breath on her cheeks. She couldn’t bring herself to look at his face for a moment she was too overcome and she found himself facing that broad chest. Raw desire surge through her and she knew that she couldn’t saw no to this invitation, her heart told her that they’d been destined to meet this way.

“Of course I’ll come.” She lifted her eyes and smiled shyly at him. “I’ve noticed you every day.”

He gave a husky laugh. “Me too. To be honest I’ve been plucking up the courage for days to stop and talk to you. "

She went to move but caught her toe on a rock, and somehow found herself falling forwards. He caught her, his strong arms steadying her as she found herself pressed to his warm bare chest. She could feel his heart beating faster and, as she gasped her thanks, his face moved closer to hers.

“Sorry,” she heard him murmur as his lips covered hers.

Lust surged through her body, a need so strong she eagerly welcomed his tongue into her mouth. The kiss was no delicate sampling of lips teeth and tongue it was raw and powerful, earth shattering in intensity.

Dream on now….

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