Thursday, 6 May 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Just got back from Las Vegas. Stopped off there for five days on my way home from Hawaii. Everyone told me it was big, but I never expected it to be that massive! My hotel was the Bellagio and it took ages just to walk from reception to the lifts/elevators up to the room. The hotel was way bigger than Terminal 5 at Heathrow - and that is megga big guys. Haven't walked so much for ages, just to get from hotel to hotel.
The white lions and tigers at the Mirage were beautiful creatures...the Forum shopping at Caesars Palace- amazing. Five days isn't really enough to see even half of the place, but we managed Freemont Street as well - which has to be seen to be believed, and then there was the helicopter!!!!!
As it took off I realized what an insane idea it had been to fly by helicopter to the Grand Canyon, especially on such a windy day, but at least the pilot was tall, blond and reasonably good looking . I was forced to sit next to him, so it was easier at times to keep an eye on him...just to make sure he looked at ease as the helicopter bumped its way over the Nevada desert. We landed "MASH" style on the rocky shore of the Colorado river, deep within the canyon and I immediately downed two glasses of champagne, just to settle my nerves of course.
Now I'm home and it is back to work on my edits for Savage Kingdom and my new book set in ancient Rome.

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