Friday, 7 May 2010

Ad in Variety today Legend of the Seeker

There is a full page ad in today's Variety asking for a new network or TV station to think of airing Season Three of Legend of the Seeker. For whatever reason, money or otherwise, ABC/Disney have so far failed to find US stations to air the show in the fall...autumn to my UK readers! As I've said before this show is epic, exciting and sexy. The chances are it won't get renewed unless it gets more viewers and more publicity. I can only emphasize, the male lead Craig Horner, who plays Richard Cypher, the Seeker, is seriously cute, has a great body
and I have no wish for him to disappear from my TV screen. Not only that he'd a great how can you resist him? What we need to do is raise the profile of Legend of the Seeker in the US and get more people to watch the show.

Link to save the seeker as on my previous posts about the show.

Don't disappoint me folks, how can I keep writing without having Craig to look at to give me inspiration?


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